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3 things a guy can do to make girls feel interested in him(Read More)

1. Do things for her willingly: As a man if you want a lady to have feelings for you or start crushing on you, always try to surprise her buy getting gifts for her no matter how small it is, buy data for her so she can use it do her assignment in school or keep her self busy or if you have much you can support her financially, such will make her to love and respect you. 

2. Always call her every night before she goes to bed: No matter the conversation you both had in the day time always try to call her at night to know how she's doing also make her laugh by saying things that are funny to her, and most important end the conversation with some motivational word before you end the call. 

3. Give her attention: ladys really need 100% attention from their boyfriend or guys, once you always pay attention whenever she's talk you will notice that she will start liking you, all this are signs that you love her. 

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