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Girls should avoid doing These simple things to keep them safe

Ladies in these days find it difficult to find what to do in other to keep them save. Here are some simple ways.

1. Hold your key like a weapon.

Girls are supposed to hold their keys very good like an expensive weapon in other to keep them achievement their goals in future. These keys depends on which type of determination of her choice.

2. Never go out alone at night.

Girls now adays are supposed to be careful and protective. In other for this to happen, each girl must try her possible best not to go out alone at night.

3. Lock all windows and doors in your home at all times. Girls are to close all their windows and doors at their homes to prevent thieves from stealing them

4. Don't drink too much. Lady should not drink too much in other to prevent not to get sleep with whiles they're unconscious.

5. Don't ride a bicycle. Girls should not ride a bicycle at all because it's may cause to their personal health.

6. Don't leave your drink down. Ladies are supposed not to leave their drinks that they are taking in alone. When such happens one can easily get poisoned .

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