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Do’s and don'ts in a relationship.

Relationship is when two people of the opposite sex decided to love and know each other with the aim of marrying and living together thereafter. This transition can sometimes be fun, educating, heartbreaking and many other things.

In the process both the guy and lady are observing the behavior and how the opposite sex does his or her things or behave. There are somethings you have to do in a relationship and some other things you have to cut short from your relationship if you a better future with the person you are dating.

1)        DON’T LOWER YOUR STANDARS; Standards is probably one of the most important things in a relationship, it is the set of the persons virtues, ideas and understanding he enters the relationship with. One of the reasons why people are normally heartbroken is because they either enter the relationship with no standards at all or they lower their standard because of love or lust. Trust me, People especially men love ladies who have standards, that is to say they love people who know what they want and they will compromise it for anything. Before you enter into a relationship, know the reason why you are in the relationship and don’t lower it for anybody, with that you have safeguard your heart.

2)        DO THE RIGHT THING EVEN IF YOUR PARTNER IS NOT WATCHING; One of the things you can do to earn your partners trust is to behave well even if they are not watching, making your partner feel insecure is of the deadliest things that can happen in a relationship. This are some of the things you can do to earn some of the trust of your partner, 1. Don't hide anything FROM HIM/HER.

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