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The Husband And Wife That Change Their Skin Colour Through Surgery, See What They Look Like Now

There are many people around the world who are not contempted with their appearance, with their color and shape, and with their general appearance.

They look for various attempt to modify their body and transform their appearance with the help of plastic operations since it came to the world.

In recent times, we have come across women who perform operations to modify their bodies, to get larger breasts or flat stomach and several others.

Women do operations recently to modify the colour of their skin between black and white or from white to black.

Their real complexion before they changed their skin colour:

Martina and Michael Eurwen, her hubby, are a couple who endorsed the surgical procedures when it came to the world.

Both come from Germany and underwent a string of procedures because they want to turn black.

Martina did far more than skin procedure, and she performed plastic corrective surgery to change her appearance.

What they look like after changing their skin colour to black:

Her hubby also shocked the world by changing his skin to look darker as well, both of them are now black couples.

Do you think it's good to go through procedure just to change appearance? Your opinion matters alot

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Germany Martina Michael Eurwen


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