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Wedding Picture Of A Young Man And An Old Woman Causes Stir On Social Media. Is This True Love?

Love is sometimes confusing especially for third parties who judge by what they see. Love is a feeling that could best be explained or well understood by those who fell in love with each other. That is to say, there is no standard when it comes to love. For example, there is no standard age that is optimum for couples to fall in love with each other. 

A wedding photo of a young man popped up on social media and it's been talked about by netizens who came across it. In the picture, the young is believed to be in his thirties is seen to be married to an old woman whose age is not known but she is old enough to be the grandmother of her groom. This picture raises eyebrows as many people cannot believe that this is true love.

The main reason why this young man has gotten married to this old woman cannot be ascertained but some netizens believe that the gentleman needed a green card. Others also believe that the gentlemen only married the old woman because of the insurance or her possessions. 

Here are a couple of reactions from netizens to the picture; 

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Is This True Love


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