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Lord We Are Suffering In The Hands Of Girls, We Need Your Intervention (Funny Article).

Looking at the nature of how girls have taking the level of dating to, i think is time boys call for God's intention, because we the boys are suffering in the hands of girls. It is said that every female is a mother to we the males. But looking at the situation right now, it seems our mothers do not have pity for us any longer.

Why do i say so? Our supposed "mothers" are now breaking our hearts not just into pieces but into floor. My brother, when you meet your fellow guy on the way and he looks so tired like he has wrestled with an elephant, just know that he has actually wrestled with something in his room but not with an elephant but his girlfriend. For me i have learnt so many "Kunfu" skills not from watching Chinese movies but from the struggles and wrestling i go through with my girlfriend on the bed when ever she pays a visit to me.

Broken heart has cause men to speak to animals just to ease their pain. He will approach an animal and be like "My good friend, have you heard that Mary have left me for another guy? It is all over the town. Any way are you single?" 

This is what men go through each day. Lord!! Your children are no longer safe in the hands of women. Hear our prayers, Amen!!

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