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Why I insisted on marrying him - Lady reveals the reasons behind marrying a cripple man

After giving everything to the disabled for 6 years, a 28 year old Nigerian woman from Calabar, Cross Rivers state fell in love with the man.

The woman claimed to have met the disabled man at the bus stop and the two boarded the vehicle to travel to Port Harcourt. However, while traveling, she learns that the disabled man is very intelligent and needs help.

She asked directly about his level of education and how he is dealing with the current economic situation.

He replied with a smile and said that even though he was having a hard time, by God's grace he was able to enter university.

She fell in love with a crippled man when she heard him say that. They exchanged greetings and addresses. She decided this way to give him all the help he needed. However, trouble started when, after graduation, she told his parents about the cripple. Her parents were against her marrying him.

Despite their best efforts and all the evidence they could muster, they refused to acknowledge him as their son-in-law. She sought advice from priests and prophets, and they repeatedly predicted that Saka would become her soulmate. However, none of the priests succeeded in persuading her parents to allow her to marry the man.

The Spiritualist gave him some spiritual items to buy, which he quickly did. He was ordered to speak to his parents for a proper discussion after the spiritualist used the ingredients to prepare a bucket of water for bathing. When she returned home, she actually had a long talk with her parents, and surprisingly, they agreed to the marriage.

They are now happily married with children, and although her husband is injured, God has blessed him with a well-paying job in the oil industry.

If you love a man, it doesn't matter what class of society he is from. Give the person all the help you can because you never know what the future holds.

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