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Husband and wife relationship

The young couples who regretted for making a decision.

A young man and a young woman got married in their early 20s, they lived happily until one day! The woman said to the husband; 'Honey, we have stayed in a rented apartment for a very long time...why don't we save more money and then get our own plot of land and build our dream house?

The woman went ahead to discuss the conversation they had, about the idea of saving money to get a plot of land to her mother.

Her mother was so happy to hear her daughter talked about getting a plot of land.

Now her mother decided that she will convince the couples to vacate their Rented apartment and then move in to stay with her, since that is the only option the couples have in other to save more to fulfill their dream.

The mother convinced her daughter and the daughter also convinced the husband.

Now the young couples made a decision and came to a conclusion that; they will move in to stay with her.

As soon as they moved in, three months later the man lost his job and her wife got pregnant. They begun to solely depend on the mother inlaw for all their needs.

4years passed and The jobless situation is still the same. Things begun to change...the couples became a burden to her. She is now treating them like children.

The couples are now money to where to go.

What would you do if you were the couples?

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