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"I Used To Hate Men But Now I Need Any Man To Marry Me Long As He Is Breathing" - Lady laments

When a video went viral on social media displaying a middle-aged lady who appeared dejected while weeping and yearning for love became the talk of the town across all social media platforms, people couldn't keep their mouths quiet. Her claim was that she is unhappy in her life and that the problem has become worse in recent days since she has been ruthlessly abusing males since she was a teenager while preaching the Gospel of feminism.

She did not identify herself or offer any details, but the woman went on to explain that she has realized her mistakes since no male is willing to love or marry her now that she has reached the marriage years.

"I've discovered that I've been in a deep state of sadness for the last several days, and it's been quite challenging for me. You're well aware that feminists are incredibly poisonous to guys, and you'll soon find that no one wants to love or marry you. I feel I've arrived at the point where I've decided to stick with Feminisms, despite the fact that it means I'll lose out on marriage and children." she remarked

As per the lady, she is envious of women her age who are peacefully married or in a relationship who are devoted to them. Since she failed to see this reality in the first instance, she admits that males are the best thing that could have happened to her.

Colonists were outraged with the woman, who appeared to be in anguish while voicing her deep feelings. Some people felt bad for her because of her ridiculous situation.

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