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If your woman does these, leave her no matter what.

A relationship involves two people who usually of different personalities, similar ideologies, and belief systems meeting each other halfway and putting in conscious efforts to ensuring a successful relationship. 

The ultimate intention for most relationships is marriage and there’s the need to ensure you have the right person by your side for the long hall. Partners who are extremely not compatible and aren’t willing to compromise or meet the other halfway tend to have very toxic relationships which lead to unhappiness for both parties. It is therefore for this reason that you need to end it when you notice something about your partner be it their attitude, how they carry themselves, their relationship with money, etc, and are not convinced that’s the right fit for you.

It is better to go through a short period of sadness and pain than to get stuck in a marriage that grows only toxic with each passing day.

There are several ways to find out if a woman isn’t worth your time and energy and one major way to confirm is when her reception towards you is continually inconsistent.

When she is very welcoming one day and really hostile the next day for no apparent reason, it get’s really confusing and stressful. It can be very confusing in the sense that, how are you able to know whether she’s interested in the relationship or just stringing you along. 

Below are the signs that will confirm that your woman isn’t serious and you need to leave her;

When she takes so long to return your calls

A woman loves you and wants to spend her life with you, she always wants to see you and hear from you but in a case where you’re with someone and they constantly miss your calls and take long to return them or even wait till you call again after days, she isn’t worth it. If truly this is a constant attitude of her, you’d really need to sit down and analyze the situation because it could be that some else is keeping her busy.

She cancels plans repeatedly

So you ask her out on Monday, she agrees but cancels later on and then you ask her out on Wednesday, she agrees and cancels again. If she can’t make time for you and something always ends up spoiling your plans with her, reconsider the relationship. If she’s really interested she’ll be eager to see you and will put some things on hold for you. She can’t always be that busy.

She calls you a friend in the midst of other people.

This is a major red flag and that should tell you where you stand in her life. You actually need to believe her when she says that no matter the excuse she gives you after because you actually are a friend as long as she’s concerned.

If she continually tells you she’s not ready.

When she regularly pulls the “I’m not ready card” anytime you bring up conversations about making the relationship exclusive, that’s her nice way of saying she isn’t interested. You got to move on.

You are always the one to initiate contact.

Yes, there are girls who wouldn’t reach out to you first because they wouldn’t want to been seen as desperate but where you two have been talking for a while, and yet she never reach out first either by text or phone call, that becomes questionable.

She blue-ticks you

When she has this habit where she just blue ticks you whiles she’s online the whole day and wouldn’t even bother to come back and respond, leave her. Yes, she may be busy the whole day but that moment when she gets back from work and scrolls through her chats and still refuse to respond to your message, that should really tell you the extent to which she’s not into you.

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