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Husband and wife relationship

I Had An Affair With My Brother’s Wife to Save His Marriage Because Of His Infertility

My brother and I are the only children. He is the breadwinner of our family because his father has been away for ten years. When I was only 7 years old, after my father passed away, my brother had to quit sсhооling and get a meagre job to support his family. We know сhildhоd very well.

He is my mentor, her and father. He even told me when I decided to quit sсhооling to help my family. He wanted me to get the best education, no matter what the situation we were facing at the time. Although he took on a lot of responsibilities alone, he never thought about what I have today, and I gave it to him.

My brother got married, but 10 years later, they are still unable to have children. This makes them very sad, seeing my only brother, I have experienced marital problems, and it makes me very sad. His wife’s reluctance to receive treatment for a long time has brought ridicule to his family, and the pressure on his wife’s family is increasing, which is unbearable.

Although he solved all the problems, he did not stop accepting my education and elderly mother. Sometimes I wonder where he draws his strength, even in difficult trials. This is one reason why I respect him so much. I always pray that God will turn his pain into happiness because of his kindness.

My brother and his wife had to relосаte tо Sоuth Аfriса because of their рrediсаment, sо аs tо away from rаdаr оf family and friends did not remind them. I think his departure is very bad because this is the first time I have been away from him in 28 years, but his reason is reasonable.

I graduated, and then I went to serve my country. My brother likes me very much and can't hide his joy at seeing me as a graduate. I am very grateful for his support. Whenever I think of his sad state, my heart is broken, and I hate myself for not being able to repay his kindness.

Immediately after my year of service, my older brother called me and told me he wanted to discuss something very important with me. I sensed the seriousness and urgency in his voice. However, he wanted me to visit South Africa. I don't know what he will talk about, why should I go abroad.

A revision was then made and I informed our mother of my intention to see my brother abroad, but I missed part of what was requested as my older brother had directed. During the flight, I couldn't help but walk around it. Well, he is everything to me and I'd be more inclined to do anything for him.

I arrived at my destination and my brother was bothering me at the airport. We went to his apartment and my wife greeted me warmly. It was great to see him again after so long. We ate dinner, talked randomly, and then went to bed. In the quiet night, my older brother woke me up to discuss this matter.

Due to the weight of his heart, he spent a few seconds. I could see the rain in his eyes. I asked him what was wrong and made sure that he could trust me. Tears welled up in her eyes as she turned to me. What he asked of me was the hardest thing in life.

After discussing her adoption, she informed me that she was infertile and would not have children. He told me that his wife had gone through a lot because of him and that he had stayed despite his barrenness. Then he took my life by surprise. He asked me to have an affair with his wife and get her pregnant to save her marriage.

I couldn't believe my ears. I immediately rejected his application. How can I do something like that? I could at best convince my brother, and doing such a thing would be tantamount to disrespect. My older brother burst into tears and told me it was a joint decision of him and his wife that they agreed to have a child closer to our family lineage than one.

I can't bear to see him cry in the rain. I know this is a difficult decision for him. I owe him everything I have today, including my life. No sacrifice is too great for someone to give you their education to ensure they become a great person in life. I thought about it and reluctantly defended his request. We agreed that after I confirmed that she was pregnant, I could return to the country.

How sad my heart was, I did as he asked, and weeks later his wife confirmed that she was pregnant. He thanked them kindly. We agreed to keep it a secret between us and that I should knowingly tell our mother and her wife's family that she was pregnant when I left to clear any doubts. I did as instructed.

Since I returned to Nigeria, I have never forgotten this fateful night from my head. Thoughts of my older brother's wife and pregnant woman run through my mind. I began to develop feelings for my brother's wife. I have to keep that voice in my head all the time.

Eight months later, we received word that my brother's wife had given birth to a baby girl. We are very worried. Pictures of beautiful babies were sent to us and suddenly my mind changed. My feelings for his wife flared up again, I realized that I had given birth to my first child and I missed that girl.

I couldn't bring myself to say and follow the plan. The demands of the child meant that the secret would be exposed and my brother and his wife would be very embarrassed. I couldn't score at that moment after everything he did for me.

How can I let go of my feelings for his wife and baby? I'm so confused right now. I need advice.

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