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Immaculate steps to enhancing your communication with her

Good communication between you and your partner is very vital in sustaining the relationship. It helps both parties to understand each other more and it also eliminates the barrier of offending them since you get to know what they like and what they hate. Trust me, bad communication skills can end your relationship prematurely.

You would think you are in a relationship but before you realize, she would be gone. Women like to talk with you so never deny them that opportunity of smiling while they talk to you. Practicing a good communication with her can be achieved through many ways and these are some of them;

1. Ask your woman her opinion on certain issues and share with her the discussion on various issues and matters.

To get closer to her and know her way of thinking, you have to push her to let the words out. Opening up and asking questions about her in a very lovely, friendly and gentle manner is very important to sustaining the relationship. You can do that by sitting together and asking her about things that are difficult for a friend to understand about her personality. This makes her confide in you and even reveal her true identity to you.

2. Caring for the girlfriend and showing her feelings of sincere love.

This is one of the factors that promotes an effective communication skill between lovers. Showing her true feelings of love makes her know how long you want to take her. She then decides to talk to you with every least chance she gets and never is she going to get bored around you.

3. Spending time together and sharing different activities and hobbies

Communicating with the girlfriend and spending quality time together enhances the friendly relationship that binds them, and encourages her to show her personality and special features more clearly without the need to pretend or formally deal with the stubborn husband with other friends, through the following methods:

a. Going out for a walk together.

The conversation that goes on between you during this period may contribute to getting to know her more.

b. Sharing her interests like cooking together with her

c. Playing games with her.

These games I am talking about has nothing to do with her heart. Never play with the heart of the girl instead, take her memories back to when she was a kid. Let her feel the old experience.

4. Taking the time to identify and understand the personality of her, and not rush to judge her and predict her personality based on a specific situation or event, and in return, she can be asked and verified frankly and politely.

5. Using humor, fun and jokes to consolidate the relationship with the girlfriend so that the communication is positive, and enjoyable to get closer to her and understand her closely.

6. Tolerance with the girl and understanding her introversion and her unwillingness to talk at times and taking into account her circumstances, and always standing with her despite the differences between you.

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