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Get Her: Great Tips On How To Get A Girl To Like You No Matter The Circumstances

Some men, they go after the first girl who gives them a smile, they are like a ship that ventures into the middle of the ocean, without the help of a nautical chart, they literally drift towards the first island they find, without the no idea where to go, with no desire whatsoever. You must be different. You need to know yourself well to understand which woman is right for you. If you don't know yourself, you can bring many imperfections and problems into history.

It is important to reflect, and understand what qualities you look for in a woman. It is essential that you choose the type of girl you want to fall in love with, at least as long as you are still able to exercise some self-control, because falling in love means losing control. You must have a nautical chart for your ship, so as not to get involved in a situation where you are unable to think clearly.

Have you ever been attracted to a girl who didn't love you back? You're not the only one! Everyone, more or less, found themselves in this situation. Most women have some sort of internal filter mechanism, preventing them from wanting a man who would reciprocate too easily. Inner motivation comes from the challenge: and this is why you are attracted to women who are difficult to conquer. It's human nature to desire what you can't have, so it's only natural that you feel attracted to a woman who shows some detachment and little interest in you.

The most interesting stories are always the ones that require the maximum effort, but this does not mean that it is impossible to conquer a woman who seems almost unattainable.


1. You are satisfied with a woman who wants you from the first moment, who has made you the meaning of her life, even if her need to have you at all times kills your interest in her. How is it possible to be happy with a woman you are not in love with? Without passion, your story will lack an essential element.

2. Accept that you, you can conquer an unreachable woman, but you have to do just that, get her. At first you may find some resistance, but tenacity, motivation, patience and effort will make your victory even sweeter when you finally triumph.

It is clear that the best choice is number two: to hunt down the unattainable woman, but whose love will prove to be the best reward, once you have conquered her.

Often, as soon as you let a woman know that she is in your thoughts, and you always want her, instinct tells her to run away as far as possible. Often a woman experiences two conflicting feelings at the same time: on the one hand she wants to be treated like a princess, she wants a man at her feet, on the other hand she is attracted to an elusive man, who treats her badly and in indirect way.

You don't have to reveal your desire to see it all the time . Let her believe that you don't really care, and that you may be planning to see her again: a date or two, but nothing more. Let her think you don't want to commit, and that you don't mean it too much. It doesn't mean that you have to stop paying attention to the girl, just that you have to make her feel insecure about your intentions.

Condition the woman you like to regularly expect your presence, even if at first this intrusion in her way may be viewed with distrust. When you are not in a hurry to conquer her, she will find herself a little curious about you, and will even begin to await your absence with a certain subconscious pleasure. For starters, just make her feel your presence in her life, once or twice a week. But you will need to do this regularly, so that if by chance you don't show up once, she will notice.

Over time, women develop a certain attachment to events and people that appear regularly in their lives. Become a habit! There is no more useful expedient to induce an unattainable woman to do what you want . Nothing affects a woman's behavior so much as the strength of habit. If you show attention to the woman you like with phone calls, regular meetings and visits, she will subconsciously get used to receiving regular attention from you. This way he will get used to feeling pleasant feelings every time he is in your presence, and will start unconsciously and look forward to the next time , when he finally sees you.

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