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Policeman States Why He Will Never Date A Nurse Or Teacher Ever Again In His Life (Video)

Policeman reveals his experience over women of certain professions and he states that the profession from which he regrets ever dating a lady from is both teaching and nursing.

According to the video trending online, he stated that having a nurse as a girlfriend would mean that you always have to be injecting some mixtures into your body as according to him, he thinks the nurses always feel like giving their loved ones medication at every single moment.

From his speech, what even annoys him most is when you complain of little illness, you'll be given everything kind of medication in the world.

He further went on to say that, due to the nature of their work, it seems they always want someone to conduct experiment on and when you don't take care, your entire body will be filled with various kinds of medicine.

He later went on to speak about lady teachers and according to him, they are very stingy in aspects relating to their finance and because of that, you would not even know about the salary she takes.

Furthermore, when they get to town and use their own money to buy something, they make sure they list them down and find means and ways to take those monies back.

According to him they will never allow their monies to go down the drain but will make sure those monies are replaced.

In every profession, we have to know there may definitely be good sides and the bad, hence we have to choose to deal with the bad sides of the persons we choose to accept as our partners while we at the same time enjoy the good in them.

Meanwhile, aside all these that he had to say, he stated point blank that aside those characters of theirs they are very beautiful.

Please click on the link below to watch the video:

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