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Grand P And Curvy Girlfriend Eudoxie, Cause Massive Stir Online As They Are Seen “Choping Love”

Love they say, is so beautiful. It turns out to be the most beautiful thing ever, when you find the right person. So many people have different reasons for which they fall in love, and that is why we say true love never dies.

When you find the one you truly love, it doesn't matter how he or she looks like, all you can see is the love that exist between the two of you, which is the most important aspect of any relationships.

A very beautiful lady identified as Eudoxio Yao who is a plus size model is an Ivorian endowed with gigantic backside. 

She seems to causing massive stir on social media as she is spotted in a picture online carrying her boyfriend at her back like a baby. 

On the issue of the relationship between these two, you would clearly recall that when the information of their love affair spread on social media, people commented greatly with some stating that they were not sure the lady truly loved the man but were of the view that she came in because of his money, as we all know Grand P to be a very wealthy actor.

Beauty as they say, lies in the eyes of the beholder, but true beauty, every eye beholds. Issues of love is one thing that an individual must not interfere in at all.


According to the pictures seen on social media, Eudoxio Yao known as the booty goddess was seen carrying her boyfriend Grand P at her back to signify the love that existed between them. 

Eudoxio Yao is always proud of Grand P as she keeps telling the world how much she loves him. One beautiful aspect of the love relationship between these two celebrities is that, they always want to show love to each other any where they meet or find themselves and at anytime, irrespective of what people around them may say.

According to the pictures, you could see how happy Grand P was after being spotted at the back of his beautiful lady with the huge backside. Most people may think the lady is just deceiving the man but looking at this whole issue from the very first day their relationship spread on social media till now one may attest to the fact that the love they both share is unconditional. Eudoxie is however known to be a very beautiful woman and and a curvy one at that.

In the pictures, you would see that her boyfriend who was carried at her back was seen seated on her mountainous butt because of his smallish nature.

Check out some beautiful pictures of Eudoxio Yao and Grand P causing stir online.

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