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Check What University Student Was Caught Doing With Colleague

Two university student who were said to be lovers captured by friend when banging themselves in a coded location which they thought it was safe for them.

The two students were known to be lovers which they promised to marry after completion of their tertiary education.

They couldn't control themselves which they decided to go and warm their body and unluckily they wee captured by colleague without their knowledge.

The video is really going viral on all the social media platforms which many viewers are in support of their decision and some are not in support of it.

It was noted that the guy was in level 300 while the lady was in level 200 which they met as partners in the school which they all loved each other.

It was noted that both of them were in the mood but couldn't control their desires which made them took that decision to complete their desire.

It was stated that, the guy is at the age of 26 years old.

The moment their game was going on they were being recorded and captured by their colleague which they pleaded him to delete it but he insisted not to do it.

They did it in a low key place which was in the house of a certain man.

I wonder if the guy wasn't having a hostel in the school which he made up his mind to do it in a coded place thinking they won't be captured by anyone.

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