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Here are four unique couples that shows that true love really exists

When it comes to love, looks or race doesn't really matter and it doesn't really care what the world thinks of you as a couple, you are blinded by love. Opinions of other people are subjective and their preferences are variable, but what they tend to forget is that compatibility is also a thing that should be taken into consideration. Blind love can be resentful sometimes and you definitely do not want to be heartbroken thinking about the wrong decision that you made in your lifetime. So these unique couple might serve an example to you of true love.

Sean Stephenson and Mindies Kniss

Sean is a man from America who is a therapist, a self-help author and also a motivational speaker. Sean was born with a rare condition called osteogenesis imperfecta, and due to this condition he has fragile bones. He stands only three feet tall and he uses wheelchair to move around. His wife Mindies is a perfect and beautiful woman who comes from Arizona.

Peter, Maria and Paul

Yes, three people who are happy in a relationship. Maria shares her life happily with two men. That's her lover and her husband. The two men have accepted each other and Maria enjoys a good life.

Gabriela and Victor Peralta

Gabriela and Victor are quite weird and unbelievable individuals, with similar personalities. They hold the record of most body modifications and a most tattoo couple on the planet. Victor has 90% of his body in tattoos while Gabriela has 65%. They have been in relationship for almost 2decades.

Amanda Rodgers and Sheba

Amanda Rodgers husband is not any human, but a dog named sheba. Amanda is a British woman who was once married to a man but unfortunately, their marriage didn't work well. She said that Sheba had been in her life for years and it makes her laugh and comfort her when ever she feels sad. So she could not think of anything more that she would need from a partner.

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