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These Posts Prove that Girls Cannot Date a Boy Without Asking for Money - SEE Funny Comments

In a relationship, roles and obligations are assigned to couples based on gender. It must be said that such practices are conditioned and not right.

One responsibility of a man is that he is to financially provide for the woman. Since we are now living in a global age and such conventional attitude are being eschewed, some girls are taking up the mantle to play a financial role in a relationship.

Some women who still believe in the old dogma still oppose to women who help financially in a relationship. Currently, the atmosphere is not clear as to whether women have agreed to take up financial responsibility or not.

To get answer to this someone posed a question about this to know about what women think. He asked that "can a girl date a guy without asking for money".

The answers ladies gave were very surprising but at the end, a substantial number of them agreed and said yes. See some of the comments below.

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