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3 Big Behaviours Of Guys That Convey Low Status

Pulling the trigger to attract a woman and make her instantly fall in love with you cannot be overemphasized. Flirting with a woman which is the main goal of the dating game is characteristised by your ability as a man to utilize yourself and surroundings to attract her. I know many guys are sick and tired of watching their close friends become a key player on the field while they keep daydreaming that it would be better. Things would eventually get better as a newbie in the game of love provided you see yourself as a whole package who is capable of attracting any woman you come across.

There are some big behaviours that communicate that instantly convey low status. Take a keen attention to these tips to become the best version of yourself. 

1. Bragging Or Boasting 

Indeed, big boys don't brag and that shouldn't be named among Alpha males. Bragging of material things is a major turn off on the part of women. Most of them are not interested in your fine house or your six figure salary but the love and care they would get in the relationship. The irony of bragging is what it communicates and that is seen in the life of the fake nice guy. Don't boast, just be yourself. 

2. Portraying Low Confidence 

Lowering yourself is one dreadful thing that can happen to a man. Lack of self confidence is a total shutdown to your relationship life. Many guys finds it very difficult to make a meaningful conversation with a woman and that has been their biggest nightmare. There's no shame and regret in admitting your fears of lacking confidence. Cultivate the habit of being self esteem. 

3. Pulling Others Down 

Serving as a stumbling block is something which is not entertained in the game of love. It is time you become careful with the kind of friends you keep because the person you don't want to lose is the person the would backstab you. Doing that showcase your insecurities and that should be avoided. 

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