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Divorce Affair

For Couples: These Attitudes Can Ruin Your Marriage If You Don't Avoid Them

Everyone has one attitude or the other that might be annoying to their spouse, however; there are some attitudes that are extremely devastating which can lead to the dissolution of the marriage if not stopped on time. As an individual who wants to build a healthy marriage that is filled with mutual contentment and satisfaction, it then becomes important to abstain from certain toxic habits we shall be discussing in this article. See them below. 

Verbally and physically abusing your spouse.

Mutual disagreement is a normal phenomenon that is common in marriage, and when one is angry, they often say annoying things to their partner. However; being angry to the point of physically abusing one’s partner almost to the point of death, or threatening their life is one unacceptable behaviour that can be detrimental to your relationship and amount to a divorce in worst cases. If you are in a relationship where your partner takes delight in battering you, make sure to seek the help of a relationship therapist before the situation becomes worst. 


Cheating against one’s partner is an unruly behaviour that can be hazardous to your marriage and health when not stopped. Engaging in extramarital affairs is a practice that will eventually rob you of your peace, dignity and respect when caught. Apart from being treated with scorn by people when caught, you might also have your relationship shattered. Hence; desist from every act of promiscuity either as a married man or woman. 

Intentionally neglecting lovemaking

If you are in the habit of refusing lovemaking with your partner for no obvious reason, then you both are slowly drifting apart. Denying your partner intimacy for trivial reasons most especially when he or she needs it, then you are gradually preparing them for promiscuity. Studies have shown that a vast majority of people who cheat in their marriage, do so not to hurt their partner, but probably to satisfy their sexual urge that is not adequately met. 

Revealing your partner’s secret to friends and neighbours.

This singular factor has led to many broken marriages in our contemporary society and it's still causing a lot of damage today. Conforming to the habit of revealing sensitive information entrusted to you by your partner is one attitude that shows irresponsibility and can also affect your relationship negatively. Such a practice can even pose a threat to the integrity of your partner if caution isn’t adhered to. For instance, disclosing the ugly past of your partner to your friend or neighbour might degrade the integrity of your partner before them, and might eventually be used against them

Not communicating with your spouse. 

Communication is a powerful force that can be used to draw intimacy between partners. On the other hand, it can be detrimental to one’s relationship when not properly done. The essence of communication between partners is to become intimate by sharing opinions and views. But a situation where either partner does not give their time or attention to the other is one practice that might bridge a gap in their emotional connectivity. Starving your partner emotionally might prompt them to seek satisfaction somewhere else which might not be good for your relationship. 

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