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Comic Scene As Groom Feels Shy To Kiss Bribe In Church During Their Wedding [Video]

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Everyday has it own way of how things happen around the globe. 

Social media has made the world a small village that you can roam around on your Smartphone. 

A viral video sighted online by in which a pastor asked newly married couple to k!ss each other in front of their church members.

The source of the video is not clear about the setting but they are not far from being Ghanaians.

In the video the groom feels shy to k!ss the bride as many eyes watching them. He attempted several times but he couldn't initiated the love thing until this wife pulled his head forward and gave him three strong k!sses on the lips. 

The congregation turned the church into a comic cinema as everyone was laughing...

Watch the video below;


Why should k!ssing be allowed in the country during wedding?

Will you k!ss your Partner on your wedding day in church?

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