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Meet the couple that found love at first site on date rush

Date Rush is one of TV3's most popular shows, possibly the most popular in Ghana and beyond. It currently has more than four seasons. The show was created solely for the purpose of seeking love for those who do not have it. And if you are attractive and confident, you will undoubtedly find it.

The program entails one person (male) being on stage with the option of baiting one of the women from a group of ten into going out with him on a date with intentions of taking things further. It makes perfect sense to represent the data that everyone deserves to be loved. 

Love is a strong term, but in my opinion, it is one of the most serious feelings we can have as individuals. From relational love to delight, it encompasses a wide variety of feelings, states, and mentalities. For a person, love can be described as an exceptional feeling of fondness with no cutoff points or conditions.

Love refers to a deep commitment to and association with an individual or object. The essence of adoration is to feel something other than a preference for others. It is a relationship between two people. When it comes to building a new relationship, there are a few things you can avoid, such as being too demanding.

Abraham and AJ are one couple who went all out on their date. It was love at first sight, according to them. AJ says she saw Abraham behind the stage the night before the show and expressed interest in dating him. She was fortunate enough to be chosen.

The couple came out with all smiles during their most recent opening capacity to share their secret about what keeps them moving as a couple. You can see that there is a lot of science between the two of them, and it seems to be an especially large amount of friendship.

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