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First 4 Things Women Notice About Men That You Must Know.

I'm going to talk about the first four things women notice about men that you must know. When they see you and cannot talk to you, then they have noticed something about you, either attractive or not. Let's jump straight away to what women notice or want when they see you at first glance.

1.How Confident You Are

Women love guys who go straight to the point and demand what they want. They want guys who talk boldly to say something like, "You are beautiful and I think I would like you to be my girlfriend." It is not now that you will approach and ask unnecessary questions, wasting their time. Women don't like men who waste time. They want men who don't waste time and get straight to the point.

2. How well-versed you are.

That goes for your language, voice, and conversation. Women love guys that can hold a conversation. I tell you all the time. They want men who speak with confidence. You should be able to know how to hold a conversation with a woman as a man. And when it comes to language, you should be aware that not all women that you can approach with disrespectful language, such as "hey s3xy." Some ladies don't like that, but we have the ones who will appreciate that too.

3. Personality.

What most women love to notice is your personality. They want to know how you can make them happy. Women love guys who can make them laugh and are pleasant to be with.

4. Physical stature

Women are going to look at your height. That is the first thing women like to notice about men the first time they approach them. Women just like tall men. They like men who they feel can be their bodyguard as well. They feel they can protect them and feel safe around them.

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