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After Collecting Loan To Buy Her A Shop She Dumped Me For Another Man. A Man Cried Out.

Our ladies of nowadays treats as as if we are not their life supporters a man cried in tears for borrowing a huge amount of money from bank to by shop for his girlfriend to support their living but unfortunately the lady dumped him for another man.

According to report, things became difficult for them so in that case the man decided to go for a loan to buy shop for the lady to help their living a bit better not knowing the work of the man was to be in venn.

According to the man he trusted the woman and never taught it can get to that extend by being dumped by his girlfriend.

He added that he saw or met the lady in senior high school where they started to date or move together and by God's grace they were able to complete school and continued their relationship till he was dumped by the lady.

He stated that he never did anything wrong to his girlfriend and he wonder why the girl got to that extend because he even promised to marry the girl and make family with her.

He said when he bought the shop the woman was very happy and even promised him to make profit with it so that they can pay for the loan.

It was noted that she was dating another man whom she spent all the profit she makes from the shop with and in that case she left him for the serious one.

Please imagine your were the man what will you do.

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