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Girls melt when guys do these

Women as complicated as they are sometimes gets touch when guys do things for them which they like most but never asked for it, if you are guy and you know this trick, then you are lucky and a success.

Women love it when you do the things they like without being told.

Here are some tips for guys.

1. Giving her gifts.

Women love it when they receive gifts from their guys without requesting them, some guys tend to give gifts with a hidden agenda or wanting something in return but if a guy gives out a gift with no reasons, ladies do appreciate it and gets touch by such.

2. Introduce them to your friends.

When a guy introduce a lady to his friends or those around him, the lady feel so much excited and do take your love for them to be genuine and serious. They feel they are on top of the mountain and nothing else matter since they know they are important to you.

3. Kissing her on the forehead.

Research has proven well that, kissing a woman on the forehead makes her feel your loved, care, and respect for them and also shows them how secured they are with you.

4. Opening doors for them.

Women mostly feel that guys who open doors for their ladies are the real gentlemen they should rely on. Women like men who do open doors for them to enter, and they be it a car door or door to the office or room.

5. Protect her always.

To show a lady how much she means to you, you must be willing to protect her from any harm and danger looming as quickly as possible, doing this will make her feel secured being with you always since she knows you will protect her all the time.

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