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Husband and wife relationship

Woman Did This To Her Husband's Side Chick After Catching Them In A Hotel

There are many situations which are happening in out country which is so bad.

a woman angrily gave her husband's side chick nice slaps after catching them in a hotel.According to notice, a newly wedded wife caught her husband with another girl in a hotel which she angrily fought with the lady.

The lady really regretted for such an incident and he was disgraced at the moment, this is so because many people were in the area and some was taking pictures of them while others where supporting the wife of the man.

According to the woman, she had an alert by her friends saying that her husband normally cheats on her but she always turn the speech of her friends into vein, which one day her friends decided to go and show her the hotel in which her husband usually brings the girl in.

When her friends showed her the hotel and room number she went and opened the door and surprisingly she saw her man with the girl and due to that they started to exchange words and blows in the hotel.

The side chick indicated that, it wasn't her fault but the man use to provide everything that she needs which in that case made her fell into the love of the man.

This incident occurred this morning and was posted on the platforms of many websites.

OBJ TV also posted the incident on their platforms with the caption "Angrily Wife Discipline Husband's Side Chick After Catching Them In A Hotel".

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