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Meet Jessica, the plus size model who is now the newest sensation in town

Plus size women have gained much recognition in our societies right after women empowerment was initiated. At first, most of them feared the stigmatization which came with being tagged as plus size. Some of them didn't even want to come out of their homes just because they feared they would be put on a scale of ridicule by people who never think about the mental health of those they abuse.

Thanks be to God, time has seen the eradication of such behaviors from our various communities. Plus size women can now wear their favorite clothes without thinking about what other people are going to say about it. They can now go places which they dreaded to set foot there. Time is really powerful. Isn't it amazing seeing how it took a great turn in just a few years?

A certain plus size lady known as Jessica is going to be the center of attraction in this article. She has accepted the fact that nothing is going to halt her dreams of being a plus size model and good for her, those dreams have been made to manifest in reality.

She is now a model with many people following her and looking forward to seeing her update them with amazing pictures. She has had a positive feedback from her followers and this drives her to put in more work to bring in more pictures as time goes by. I decided to make a compilation of five of the nicest pictures of Miss Jessica over here. I bet after looking at these pictures, you will really get to appreciate plus size women if you never did. Take a look at them below;

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