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How to make any lady fall in love with you. Forget about class, money and cars. These always work

22 Simple Ways to Make a Girl Fall in Love With You | LoveToKnow

Many guys have always dreamt of that one lady they wish to date. However, few have mastered the courage to approach the dream girl. Other people might have tried and been rejected. It might simply mean you are not doing something right. Do these five things and any lady will fall in love with you.

1. Give her attention: Every lady wants attention. Ladies fall in love with guys who always put them first in anything. Give her all the needed attention. Make sure to check up on her often.

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Simple questions like "have you eaten?" can go a long way. Let the lady feel she is part of your plans and she comes first in all your daily decision. Give a lady these, and she will fall for you.

2. Always compliment her: Ladies love to be praised. Compliment her at each opportunity. Don't wait to compliment her on great things. Little things like "you are looking angelic today" can turn her head.

Be appreciative of her. This however does not mean give her fake praise, she will sense your lies and stay away from you. Compliment her often but they should be on genuine stuff.

3. Listen to her: Ladies love men who listen to them. Ladies hardly want to hear your problems. In other words, they always want to be listened to. Give her your ears. Don't interrupt when they are talking to you. Nod head in an agreement where necessary. Just prove to her you are always ready to listen. Ladies hate it when you are not listening. Always try to listen to her.

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4. Be funny: If you are good at cracking jobs then you are closer to winning her heart. Ladies love funny guys. Create funny but decent jokes. Do you want to win her heart badly, have a great sense of humour. Do not be overly serious. Make her laugh at the least opportunity.

But be careful not to overdo it.

5. Surprise her: Ladies love surprises. Send her a message when you are at work to let her know you are thinking about her.

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Take her out to nice places without first giving her a heads up. Buy her gifts and flowers. Keep surprising her with nice stuff and she will surely fall for you.

6. Be patient with her: Always be patient with her. If she doesn't seem to be moving along as quickly as you want it, do not pressure her. Give her all the time she wants. Give her space if she needs it. Never force a lady to do your bidding. It will fail.

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7. Be a gentleman and let her go: Love is free. If after putting in all efforts she still doesn't want to be with you, be a gentleman and leave her alone.

Try to move on with your life. Maybe she wasn't meant for me. Do not keep pestering her with unwanted attention. Love is reciprocal. Always remember that.

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