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Here are 4 habits women dislike in a relationship

1. You constantly come home late.

As a man, you should understand that women dislike it when their men constantly come home late. As a man, when you constantly come home late, this makes your woman feel that you don't value or care for her. As a man, it is not advisable to spend time with your friends more than your partner. Your partner should always come first. Women feel unhappy when their man constantly comes home late.

2. No apology.

As a man, when you get your woman upset. You should understand that as a man, apologising when you're wrong can go a long way. When you know you're wrong, learn to apologise. Women dislike men who don't apologise when they are wrong. When you apologise when you're wrong, she feels special, and know you're serious about the relationship. So as a man, it is very important that you apologise as a man whenever you are wrong.

3. You make fun of her.

As a man, one thing you should know is that women dislike it when you make fun of them. As a man, you should never make fun of your wife or partner to your friends or colleagues. Don't make fun of her food, looks or her habits you disliked. if there is anything your woman is not doing right, you can always correct her the proper way rather than making fun of her.

4. You don't respond to her calls.

Every woman wants to be with a woman who will always be there for her. A man that understands that even during arguments it should not stop you from answering her calls.

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