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Divorce Affair

My Girlfriend Caught Me Cheating On Her And Didn't Say Anything. I'm Worried

I need advice urgently because I am in a dilemma. I started dating my girlfriend 6 months ago and she caught me a week cheating on her in the house. It was her 29th birthday last week, so I told her I was going to pick her up after work which is 4pm. She didn't tell me that they gave her a day off and surprised me by coming to my house around noon.

My girlfriend didn't even get angry, she didn't scream. She just told the other girl to go away. When I justified myself, she didn't even answer. She just smiled and said baby, I get you. It's not your fault. She even cooked for me and when I refused to eat the food for fear of being poisoned, she ate first and told me to join her. She suggested that after my infidelity, I should get some energy back.

The reason I'm worried is because, this girl hates infidelity. She told me that she cut off her ex boyfriend's finger when she caught him cheating on her and broke his TV, the car windshield. Before we went out together, she told me that if I know I'm going to cheat on her, or if I'm not ready to marry her, I shouldn't go near her. She said if she caught her man cheating on her, she would kill him.

I swore I wasn't going to cheat on her, even though I knew I was lying. I am 30 years old and will not marry until I am 35 years old. I didn't even intend to be with her that long, but because she is independent does not ask for money. Also, I lost my job three months ago and she has been there for me. Should I be afraid of her silence? Has she planned something or has she really forgiven me? Please help me. I want to know just to avoid it because I can't sleep in peace. I am really worried.

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