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Things That Repel People From You.

Things That Make You Unattractive

Even without realizing, certain stuff can make you unattractive to people. There's a lot more people look out for in us than just our physical appearance. Most individuals focus on your inner beauty as well. Several little things can make you instantly unattractive to people. Below are some ways you can become unattractive to people without even realising.

1. Always trying to compete with people. Its totally normal to try to always be the best in everything you do, but we should also not forget that too much of everything is bad. The negative competition usually comes when we're dealing with friends. Instead of congratulating them on their success, some people tend to always brag about how they did better when it was their turn. We should remember that a good loser is more likely to be a bad winner.

2. You crave more for outer beauty than inner beauty. Some say the prettiest people have the ugliest personalities. You can be the most beautiful person in this world and if your attitude and appearance don't match, it's worthless. A bad personality will always have an effect on your relationship with people. In as much as we try to look beauty outside, we should also build on our personality.

3. Wondering how important you're to others. Your friends have every single right to hang out without you if they want to- you should be fine with this. Your friends should have the liberty to choose who they hang out with and when they do it. If you start getting jealous of the fact that they do this, you might instantly be unattractive to your friends. If they didn't didnt seclude you out of dislike, they might start now .

4. You being bossy. This is one of the most unattractive behaviours among friends. Some individual always want the group to go where, listen to the music they like and dish out directions to the rest. Don't be this kind of friend because this behaviour is very annoying and unattractive.

5. Being Rude. No one likes you being rude to them. Rudeness will only turn them away from your direction. A lot of people have a lot of stuff going on on their lives and they wouldn't want someone to add more frustration by being rude to them. It normal to have disagreements with people but it's very good to know how well to respond. 

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