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He Came With A Group Of Macho Men After Our Breakup To Get All The Things He Bought For Me.

I have been in several relationships, but my recent one was out of the ordinary. I met this young man in public transport. He was so jovial and looked very masculine. He was a gymnastics too.

Two years into the relationship he helped me get a single room self contain. We shared the cost equally among ourselves. I needed to furnish the room, so I spoke to him, and he got me a flat screen television and a fridge. I also bought my own bed and a two in one sofa.

Our relationship was a good one as we spent most of our time together on weekends. We sometimes went to the beach on Sundays for exercise. Before we met, I had a big belly, but he helped me train, and today I have a flat tummy.

I had a boyfriend who traveled abroad before I met him. He had recently arrived in Ghana and decided to reconnect with me. After much deliberation, I made the decision to end my relationship with my macho boyfriend. After all, who doesn't enjoy pleasant experiences?

Despite the fact that he did nothing wrong to deserve it, I told my macho boyfriend that I no longer wanted to be in a relationship.

Initially he did not agree to my decision, but I told him I have made my mind up. He had nothing to do than to let me go after all we were not married. I was preparing myself to move away from the apartment he helped me rent when I heard noises coming from my compound.

I went outside to see why and to my surprise, there he was with some macho men. According to him, he was coming to carry the things he bought for me during our relationship.

I didn't say anything because I was afraid he could do something bad to me. I let him take everything he purchased for me. I have heard of similar relationships where one party demands for the things he bought for the other party before, but I never imagined it could happen to me.

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