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If A Woman Loves You Even A Billionaire Can't Take Her Away From You. Fans Are Reacting To This Post.

A popular social media influencer who goes by the name Feyi (@khaleedSZN) took to her Twitter page where she has over 17,000 followers and wrote, "If a woman genuinely loves you, even if you are poor, a billionaire can't take her away from you." Since she posted it on her Twitter page, she has been getting lots of reactions from users across the world. How on earth will a girl not leave a poor guy for a billionaire in this difficult era? That is the question that pops up in my head after seeing Feyi's post. Because I don't think we have people who even believe that true love exists. And maybe true love might exist, but I'm not sure it will be up to 20%.

But according to Feyi, she wants us to know that true love exists. Sorry to say, nowadays, girls even have s.ex with dogs for money, so what will stop a girl from leaving her true love for a billionaire? because it has happened on several occasions. We sometimes hear it in the news or see it on social media that a girl broke up with her poor boyfriend to marry a rich person. I hope my readers understand me. because that was my reaction after I saw Feyi's tweet. But I'm not the only one who reacted. Some users also took their time to give their thoughts on Feyi's tweet. Below are some reactions from users online.

Diogenes writes, "If you are poor and a billionaire truly loves and wants your woman, it would take more than her love to keep her, you also have to genuinely love her and be good to her.Because she would second guess and watch closely for the tiniest inadequacies. If she finds none, she’ll stay."

Em3ka Collins also writes, "If you’ve watched Temptations by Tyler Perry then you will know this is true,the billionaire guy would flaunt his wealth as well as make irresistible offers and she would fall only to be dumped by him after he’s gotten what he wanted thereby sending her back to you the good guy."


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