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Lady Explains How Men Can Make Women Submit Without Using Money

Money makes the world go round. The holy Scripture says money answers everything. Money cannot be described any better than the "answer to everything". Most of the basic needs of this world can easily be solved with money.

However, some things can elude you even with money, intangible assets like health, life, and love can betray you regardless of the amount of money you possess. Recently, we've noticed a trend of how money can even buy love. Perhaps due to the harsh economic situations. 

Men with money can easily get the attention of any lady they like and it's shocking. In as much as, money can't buy life and health, the rich get the best healthcare, and even if the love they bought ain't genuine, they still get the experience of getting the opportunity to hang out with their crush. All these come in a circle to confirm the Scriptures' quote that; "Money answereth everything".

A social user by the name of Benedicta Amoah stated that there's a simple way to get a woman's submission than giving her money and it has to do with giving her a very good " O". I'm too shy for this. Check her update below;

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