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After The Death Of My Husband, His Brothers Are Fighting On Whom to Marry Me among themselves -Lady

During this program, the Nigerian Widow Assistance Program was implemented. A certain widow identified as Ibadu Beauty revealed what she passed down through the disc with the disc in her husband's brother's hand after her husband died. The young woman said that once her husband died, all of her brothers were attracted to her and even fought over who would marry her instead of supporting her.

He says they didn't care how he felt or how he was, he was young then, so it was in the eyes of boys. It was in their interest to marry her immediately after her husband's death, and neither of them thought of supporting her with money or anything to cheer her up.

The resistance was too great for him to turn down their proposals and tell them he wouldn't marry either of them if they were only interested. They decided not to help her because she rejected their marriage proposal to one of them. So her husband's brother left her and still doesn't take care of her to this day. They didn't want to know if he was still alive or not.

Neither of them thought of helping their dead brother's defenseless wife. Then he has to work and fend for himself, not relying on them. She never expected what her husband's brother would do to her, but life goes on.

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Ibadu Nigerian Widow Assistance Program


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