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When Two Hearts Meets Together- The Aroma Of Love

Some people go into dating or marriage relationships because the man is handsome or the woman is beautiful.

Others also go into relationship due to the fact the man or the woman is a rich person. Some are also in a dating relationship and some even married because of an opportunity that the fellow gave him or her.

Because of this we have many partners who are married alright but may not love their partners with their hearts. 

Their are only with them.with a particular reason and when that things wipes off the scene, they do the same or react otherwise that is their reason of being married to the spouse.

This is the reasons why a lot of the youth get married today and tomorrow they are either separated or totally out of the marriage.

But marriage should be two hearts meeting together to express themselves positively till one leaves this earth.

In this article, I want to give 4 ways to at least know that two good hearts have met together to express Love.

1.The hearts misses each other often

People declare they are in love, they are seen together everyday yet when goes away for a very long time, their heart doesn't miss each other.

They only miss the physical things but emotionally they don't feel anything.

But a heart that sincerely love another heart can be of itself until the other is with him or her.

2. The heart can hide it's feelings for themselves

When two hearts meet and love themselves, they will never hide their feeling for each other.

When one goes wrong the other will politely and lovely tell the other. So people who are strongly in love won't hide their feelings from each other whether good or bad.

3. The heart can't lie to the other

It's obvious a lot of married couples lie to each other for personal reasons but a heart that sincerely love the other will never lie to the partner no matter how uneasy the situation is.

They always want a transparent life and thinks lowing to the partner is the greatest sin because their heart belongs to each other.

They make sure day to day life is full of truth and nothing but the truth.

4. The heart is there for each other no matter what

This type of love is for better for worse till eternity. These partners always feel for the other whether in times of joy or sadness.

They make sure each others problem is for the other and same with happiness. They are not jealous of one person's progress in life because they think when one succeed they have all succeeded.

This is what I call 'The Aroma of Love's.

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