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Self-Love: Meet Anastasiya Berthier, the Busty Model Who is Trending on Social Media (Photos).

At most times, we turn to dislike what nature has given us all because we wish for another due to the little discomfort we experience from nature's given. But when we focus all attention and appreciation on what we have and not what we want, improving what we were given by nature becomes our glory and life turning ticket.

Most women who are naturally born big-breasted at some point in life wished they had it reduced to normal but when they finally realise the blessing and honour it comes to be called a busty woman, they then became appreciative of their big breast. In this article, I bring to you one busty lady who once in life disliked been busty but now enjoying the blessing of her being a busty lady, Anastasiya Berthier.

Anastasiya Berthier is a 25 years old very beautiful and talented Russian model, brand ambassador, animal's sweetheart and practically an artist. She was born in 1996 in Russia, raised and completed her education in Moscow.

Anastasiya Berthier is famous on various social media platforms and an Instagram Star well known for her hot looks and cute smile. She has earned over 1m followers on her Instagram page, @artdikaya_.

Anastasia Berthier initially used to be embarrassed about her large chest but she realised the blessing it was to be busty, she has now learned to love her body shape. It doesn't matter what she wears, be it in a sweatshirt, a normal dress, or a bikini, her fans love to see pictures of the model regardless of the outfit she has fastened her D-sized bust with.

Anastasiya Berthier is also a master of posing and knows how to put her best feature on to excite her 1m plus followers on Instagram. She flaunts just the best of her and below are a couple of her pictures

There is no love without self-love and appreciation of what you have. She was born busty, hated herself but knowing it all she got and must love it, she is now a star trending on social media. Love what you have.

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Anastasiya Berthier Busty Russia


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