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Can You Do This: Another Way To Have Fun In Bed Without Getting Too Serious

1. Know that sex isn’t the only way to be close with your partner. In a healthy relationship, you’ll be close with your partner for many reasons beyond having sex. You can build closeness and trust in the relationship by talking, listening, sharing, respecting each other’s ideas, and simply by hanging out/taking pleasure in each other’s company.

If you partner tries to tell you that sex is the only way you can be close, you may want to consider whether the relationship is really what you want.

2. Play a board game in bed. It can be fun just to sit in bed with your partner and do non-sexual things. Playing a board game is a great way to cozy up with your partner in bed without it turning into something sexual.

3. Read each other stories. Sit next to each other fully clothed, propped up on pillows, and take turns reading to each other. You can even take turns choosing which book you read. How close you sit depends on your level of comfort.

If you’re worried about it turning sexual, try staying above the covers while sitting next to each other. You could also sit on opposite ends of the bed with only your feet touching.

You can read each other romantic stories for a sexy twist (and maybe to laugh at how cheesy they are).

4. Listen to music together. Sitting in bed, listen to an album. Go over the lyrics. Sit close to each other and enjoy the closeness of your partner’s body, but don’t go further than simply holding hands or cuddling up close.

5. Do surveys together. Write questionnaires out for each other or print some pre-made ones off the Internet (search “fun questions to ask your partner”). Sit on opposite sides of the bed, each with a clipboard, and fill out your answers, then pass them to each other once you’re done so you can read the responses.

6. Watch a movie. Cozy up in bed together with some snacks and lots of pillows, and watch a movie. If you're worried that it will turn into a make-out session, try placing some pillows between you and using separate blankets.

If being separated by pillows and blankets doesn’t work, it’s okay to say it isn't working and ask your partner if he/she is into doing something else that makes your urges easier to resist.

7. Make a fort. Turn your bed into a fort. Add some funky lights and cool blankets. When it’s done, sit inside and watch a movie or tell spooky stories.

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