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Ladies, Attitudes That Show He Only Wants To Sleep With You And Does Not Want A Relationship

You have probably heard it or have said it, "All men just want to sleep with you." However, this is only half the reality.

Some want to love and others just want sex. The problem is that not all are clear and have fun with what they want.

That is, they make you believe that there is sincere love when they just want to sleep with you and have a moment of pleasure.

As we already mentioned, not all men are the same. However, this does not mean that you should trust yourself and believe that the one you are with is different.

Especially if their actions have shown you that there is not much love involved and if there is too much desire.

It is time for you to open your eyes and realize that he only wants to take you to his bed, not to make love to you, but to enjoy your body:

He never takes his gaze away from you.

Every time he can "eat" you with his eyes, he not only sees you from head to toe, but his eyes focus on observing your best attributes in detail.

You have even seen that on more than one occasion, he "savours" the moment and licks or bites his lips when he looks at you.

Attempt stroke yourself.

Although he does not touch you inappropriately or without your permission, he always finds a way to touch you, be close to you, or have "accidental" contact with you.

That he wants to have your body at all times is a clear sign that he wants to have it in another area.

Discuss your body.

If he constantly tells you that you are a spectacular woman (physically), that he is fascinated by your body, or that he adores certain details of it, it is because he wants it in his bed.

Just invite you to come home.

All the time he wants to ask you out with him, but only to his house or an intimate place, is a clear sign that he wants you and wants to sleep with you.

He does not want love; he is only thinking about that moment of passion and pleasure that he can have by your side.

He's interested in your sex life.

He is not able to talk about anything else. When he is with you, he only likes to ask you about your sexual life, how many you have been with, what you like, or what your fantasies are.

He writes to you with a double intention

With him, you don't have good morning messages or show interest in your daily life. His messages are nocturnal with the intention of sexting or bringing the situation to reality.

You cannot talk about something serious or profound with him, because everything turns into something sexual.

Goes away when you hit him sexually.

While you want love, he makes it clear that he only wants you and wants to sleep with you.

You can tell this because when you ask him to get to know each other more or make it clear that you want a deeper love relationship, he walks away.

It seems that he erases you from his life or you stop meaning something to him because his intentions were not the same as yours.

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