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A Groom Caught On Camera Feeling Very Shy To Accept His Bride's Kiss During Their Wedding Reception

When it comes to wedding ceremonies, kissing is one of the things that is displayed to indicate that the couple loves themselves. Even in this case, the kiss must be given by the man to the woman.

However, during their wedding reception, the groom in your photo was photographed feeling exceedingly shy to kiss his own bride. Naturally, some guys may be apprehensive because it may be their first time kissing a woman.

But what this guy was recording doing in this video was quite strange to people who came across this video. Watching the video carefully, the bride squared in front of the groom. She then held his hand and head and tried to kiss him but the groom ignored his bride. The tried this for about three times but the husband still ignored her.

The reaction of the guy simple tells you that he is very shy of the people around and not that he doesn't love the lady. He probably doesn't like kissing ladies at public place. This behavior is very common among some Africa men because kissing ladies at public places is not our culture.

Some Ghanaians after coming across this video said that this groom really embarrassing his bride because of his 'childlish' shyness. You can see that the bride was dying to kiss her husband but look at what he did. Others said that the lady should exercise patience because this is how some guys who have never be in a relationship with ladies behaves but with time he will change.

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