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In A Wedding Ceremony, A Man Ignores The Bride And Sprays Money On A Busty Bridesmaid (Video)

It's common for men in a wedding for someone to ignore the bride at her side, however attractive she may be, if she has full breasts. 

a Twitter user posted a video of a man insulting his future wife by splashing money on a sexy bridesmaid onto a female figurine of himself A man who asked why would he forget his bride and kept putting money on the bridesmaid aside when he was fascinated by something in her reacted to this way, tweeted to @Abovethelaw2XJP, "Did he pull her way too?"

As a general rule, weddings in Nigeria are held in very large public places where the bride and her maids'stalkers dance while watching the bride walk down the aisle to one of the bride's parents. A fellow approached the bride and her beautiful female dancer as they were dancing and began dousing her with dollars, sprinkling the money over her attractive female companion. There is something interesting about her that may be perceived by the most people

The maid of honor continued to prance before him while he was throwing money around like a drunken bum. Thus, since the groom did not spray any confetti on the bridesmaid, one may draw the conclusion that he was fully absorbed with the bridesmaid.

Would you have let the bride's other attendants wear beautiful dresses if you were one of the bridesmaids? If you'd like to say more about this in the comments, you're more than welcome to expand on it.

You can watch the video here.

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