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Guys, here what your lady will do to test your love for her

When a woman is in love with you, there are a few things she will do to test you if you are a man you should spend the rest of your life with. Let's take a look at a few things below without wasting any more time:

1. Compatibility test

He will ask you to do something that may not be good for you, but only for him. For example, you might not like doing something that he's aware of, but he'll still be stubborn about your reaction.

He'll try to see if he can get you to do something you don't want to do, just to see if you're going to break your principles because of him.

2. It will test the tolerance level.

This one is pretty much true. He'll just start doing things you wouldn't normally like just to make you nervous and angry.


Men fail this simple test because they think the woman is simply showing disrespect by doing what you clearly shouldn't be doing.

But you don't know, he's just testing you to see how long you can last when he starts misbehaving.

3. Test your friends

thinks that your wife's best friend is trying to seduce you or something, maybe she's just being told to do that to see if you fall or not. Be sure to share, like and comment when you have something to say.

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