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I Am 25 Years Old Married To 55 Years Old Woman But Her Children Does Not Respect Me A Minute.

I used to believe that marriage was a union between two individuals, regardless of their cultural backgrounds or lifestyles. In Akan, couples who marry before having children have done well to keep their marriages together, despite the fact that some are always at odds.

I was in a foreign country talking with a 55-year-old lady. She was such a sweet person that she would sometimes send me money even though I had not needed it. We developed feelings for each other as a result of our speaking, and we are now married and living together in her home.

She never discussed having children to me. If I had known from the start, I would have backed off. Since discovering she had four children aged 15 to 21, it has become impossible for me to leave now that I am further into the relationship. Since the moment I walked into their home, none of these kids have been cool with me.

I've told my 55-year-old wife to do something about it, but things haven't changed. She just promises me that once they begin to bond with me, they will change. Now I'm perplexed and unsure of what to do.

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