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Are They Dropping Hints? 8 Tell-Tale Signs That Someone Has A Crush On You

While figuring out someone has a crush on your friend is easy, noticing that someone has a crush on you can be way harder. There’s no way to know if someone likes you for sure unless you ask, but that can be scary! Thankfully, there are some subtle signs you can watch out for to see if someone is crushing on you. This are the signs that shows that someone is crushing on you:

1 They find ways to be around you.

They might sit next to you at lunch or in the office. Maybe they pull up a chair beside you even if the table is full. They also might invite themselves out to lunch or coffee with you, too. If you always seem to run into them, it’s a good sign they like you!

Someone who’s a little more nervous or anxious might not take this approach. If someone isn’t proactive about spending time with you, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not into you. They might just be shy!”

2 They text or call you a lot.

They find ways to communicate with you when you’re not together. Whether they text you, instant message you, call you, or FaceTime you, you two probably talk a lot. Plus, you might notice that it’s them who reaches out first the majority of the time.

It’s also a good sign if they give you long, thought out replies. Sending one-word answers or taking a long time to text back could mean they’re not that interested.

3 They act differently around you.

They might get shy or quiet when they’re usually loud. Or, they could get a little more talkative and bubbly when they see you. A change in personality usually indicates they’re feeling nervous or trying to impress you, which might mean they have a secret crush.

You might also notice them getting nervous or anxious around you.

4 They stare and smile at you.

Maybe they glance away when you catch them staring. Or, maybe they hold eye contact and smile wider. If you notice that you’re being watched by someone a lot, there’s a good chance they’re working up the courage to express their feelings.

This is especially true if you’ve never talked to them before. They might be looking at you and thinking of ways to approach you.

5 They give you compliments.

Lots of compliments usually indicate a crush. They probably tell you a lot of nice things about yourself randomly throughout the day, like how you have a great laugh or how nice you look. Someone who has a crush on you might even go overboard with the compliments (which probably means they’re super into you).

Compliments can also come from well-meaning friends who just want to boost your self-esteem. However, if you find yourself getting multiple compliments a day from one person, they might have more-than-friendly feelings toward you.

6 They remember a lot about you.

Even stuff that you mentioned in passing. They might bring you your favorite coffee that you told them about a while ago. Or, they might ask you how the movie was that you said you were going to. They remember these things because they like you, so you should take it as a compliment!

Someone who likes you will often act upon the information you share with them. If you tell someone that your favorite snack is potato chips and they show up with a huge bag for you, there’s a big chance they like you.

7 They find excuses to touch you.

They might pat your arm or touch your hand. While you shouldn’t put up with anyone grabbing or groping you (that’s just creepy), a light touch here or there might mean someone’s into you. They also might try to hug you when you say goodbye or give you a pat on the shoulder if you’re feeling down.

A flirtatious touch happens a lot when someone is laughing. If you tell a joke and they reach out to touch your hand or your arm, it’s a big sign that they like you.

You might also notice them leaning closer to you when you're near them.

Method 8 They tell their friends about you.

Do you catch their friends looking at you in the halls? Maybe their friends even approach you to see if you like anyone. If they’ve expressed their feelings about you to their closest friends, there’s a solid chance they like you a lot.

If their friends approach you, it doesn’t automatically mean they like you. While it is a good sign, you shouldn’t take their friends’ words for it.

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