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8 Unknown Facts About Rory, Bill Gate's Son That Would Make You Love Him More

It is a very great privilege given by nature to become the son of the wealthiest man in the world. Rory John Gates is the second and only son of America's richest man in the world. He is very down to earth and keep most of his dealings away from the public but here are unknown facts of Rory that would surprised you.

Let's dig deeper to know more about the billionaire son Rory John Gates.

1. He is Single

Really, imagining the only son of the richest man being single. He is not a play boy as many would think and really enjoys his life of being single. Maybe we would get to know more about his relationship life in the coming future.

2. He attended the same high school as his father

Every rich would want his predecessors follows the path he took to become who he is. This is so in the life of Rory John Gates as he attends The Lakeside High School, where his dad attended.

3. He believes in gender equality

This was revealed by his mum Melinda Gates when he celebrated his 18th birthday. He believes in championing human rights for all irrespective of the gender. His mum made it known that he is an intelligent, well-read and deeply informed about the wide range of issues that interests him.

4. He is a poet

Even being showered with a lot of attention from people, he manages to pen down some poem. His dad, Bill Gate helped him publish his first poem the Diamante Poem on his website at the age of ten.

5. Rory is a philanthropist

He gives most of his wealth to charity and that has been the hallmark of the gates. This challenges his dad in to given more to help the society we living in.

6. He is a multilingual

How on Earth was he able to learn all this international languages. Well, he is fluent in Irish, Spanish, German aside his native tongue the English. This place him on a comfortable lead in the business World.

7. He a lovely family

The family of the Gates is a lovely one and everybody would wish to have such a family. A family whose aim is to champion progress in in the lives of the people around the world.

8. He is very down to earth

Yeah, Rory is very down to earth and keeps his family and relationship life away from the general public. That's a great feeling to behold from Rory.

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