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Lessons From Investment Scheme Relationships

The town of Obuasi has been trending for some time on Twitter. Normally when one mentions Obuasi, the thing that comes to mind first is gold or maybe diamond if you believe in dreams. But this time it was not gold that got obuasi trending, it was more than gold in the form of life’s lesson

There are two ways that we can all learn in life, one through our own experience and the other way is through the experience of others.

The story is about an ambitious lady who invested her soul and blood in a relationship with a soldier trainee who turns out dully trained and passed out with distinction into the arms of another lady. The lady who invested so much money and resources into the relationship got so incensed that she spat venom for the marriage of the soldier and his new lady that was scheduled to come off yesterday Saturday 20th March 2021

Whilst the marriage did come off successfully after the jilted and supposedly used lady was talked to, the most important thing in all these is the lessons that everyone can learn from this going forward

There is nothing wrong with supporting each other in relationships it’s the right thing to do but relationships are not investment schemes. You do not give things expecting to get something in return all the time, so when you are giving, you give out what you can afford to lose

As sad and terrible as this lady’s situation is, that is what happens to most men all the time, women do it to men all the time and most men do not complain or even talk about it. Because they understand the act of giving without expectations

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