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61 Year Old Grandma And Her 24 Year Old Husband Reveal They Are Spending £120,000 On A Surrogate

Popular TikTok couple Cheryl, 61, and Quran McCain, 24, have made public their intention to spend up to £120,000 for a surrogate in order to conceive a child together.

After disclosing their romance on the video-sharing app TikTok in 2021, the couple quickly racked up over 2.3 million followers on their official account and became an overnight sensation online.

The couple who were married in September 2021 and decided to have a kid together is Quran, a social media influencer and OnlyFans model, and Cheryl, a cashier and another OnlyFans model.

Although Cheryl already has seven children and seventeen grandchildren, this would be Quran's first child. Quran said the following in a conversation with NeedToKnow:

"Surrogates can cost anything from £6,000 to £120,000; we're fortunate to have found the surrogate we did. "The infant's due date is in late spring 2023. "Cheryl is a grandmother to 17 and a mother to 7, so this is not her first rodeo. Aside from the child that is due, I don't have any children yet.

The couple, who lives in Italy, also disclosed that they are eagerly anticipating the birth of their first child together. Quran declared, "I am ecstatic; having a family with the love of my life is what I have always desired. "Another baby would be fantastic for me and my family on this new journey," Cheryl continued.

In addition, they used TikTok to share a video of Quran massaging his wife's belly, which has already received over 250,000 views, to reveal their plans.

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