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Meet The Lady Who Got Married To Her Pet Dog.

The things and stories we come across and hear throughout the world recently are truly shocking and weird. Some people will simply get on to the internet and log into their numerous social media handles in order for them to stay updated and informed of the ongoings in the country and the world at large. Only for you to get goosebumps when something so disgusting or weird chances your way. And, of course, there is nothing you can do about you just have to view and go your way as they say the world is becoming more and more civilized day in day out and people do things to their pleasing. As a such new developments are happening.

However, no one in his life time would have thought of taking an animal instead of a human being as a partner and even conducting marriage ceremony but absolutely enough, it has actually happened in the year 2019. When Elizabeth Hoad, a young woman, wrote her name on history books when she decided to marry her own pet dog. To fall from frying pan to fire, the marriage ceremony was broadcasted live on "Live TV". Marriage is a great thing and everyone dream of it, but sensible enough not to a dog.

the lady stated that she did it because she had four times failed engagements and 220 dates that did not even work out she said in an exclusive interview, She also believed to have had relationship both with male and female. She also stated that she had gotten lots of heartbreak and disappointment in her past relationships before meeting her dog and falling in love.

Below are further images of Elizabeth and her canine companion;

Is it socially acceptable to marry a dog? What do you have to say about this?

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Elizabeth Hoad


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