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Why I gave up on her.

Love is a natural phenomenon however the kind of challenges you face if your girlfriend is curvy is depressing. Initially, she made it known to me that I should not get frightened if boys stare at her. Unfortunately for me, I always get spooked anytime I walk with her. Friends kept talking about my girlfriend to a magnitude that some told me to my face that I should flee from her because she was not my type.

I was not so particular about her body type but her attitude won my attention. I fell in love with her character because I had never seen a girl so pretty as her with such an affectionate character. We socialized for quite some time before finally, she accepted to be my girlfriend. My friends always told me to leave her without giving reasons why I should operate that way. I thought about it over and over yet I could not get any clue from what my friends asked for. They realized I was not ready to give up on her so they decided to ask for her number which I gladly gave it out because we were friends.

Some of them began to report false news about me to her but she refused to inform me. Anytime we met as a group, my friends talked as if everything all right. One dreadful day she came around and didn't look cheerful. I asked her why all she said was "She does not trust me any longer". I noticed that my friends had told her something but she wasn't ready to tell me about it until I forced her to. My friends told her I had a lot of girlfriends apart from her and she easily believed. That day I wept because was not ready to listen to what I wanted to say so I had no other option than to give up on her. I tried so many times to talk to her about it but she never gave me that chance. A month later she posted one of my friends as her new boyfriend.

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