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"I'm Still Single Because I Fear Men Might Collapse My Business Worth Millions" Rich Lady Confesses

Meet Ciru, a single lady who has successfully ventured into the retail business. She struggled to attain the level of financial stability she has today, and she's scared to marry a man because she sees men as gold diggers who want to harvest where they didn't cultivate.


The 37-year-old successful business woman is happy to be single without a child and husband and plans to not get married any time soon because she fears the man will ruin her effort and crumble her business.


Her parents' financial situation was precarious, so she was unable to continue her education. She decided to establish a small business selling charcoal, steel wool, and soap with the experience she has.

In the beginning, "My original cash was quite limited; fortunately, now my business has grown and is now worth millions." 


It is remarkable that this woman has developed her own business establishment (on inherited land) and carries a wide range of products: plastic shoes; animal feed; hardware equipment; food stuffs; cereal; and refills for cooking gas.


She intends to grow her business into a supermarket via hard work and God's blessing in the future. The reason I'm still unmarried and childless is that I'm afraid that the wrong man may bring down my multi-million dollar firm. A decent man will come into my life at some point in the near future.

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Ciru Rich


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